About Us


Established in 1988, Gulf Pastries Manufacturing Company specializes in the production and distribution of an extensive range of bakery products, both fresh and frozen, under the leading and trusted Sara Cake brand name.

Our products are made with only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, which do not include artificial flavors or colors to fit today’s healthy lifestyle interests.

The factory manufactures an extensive range of products including a frozen variety of Swiss Rolls, Pound Cakes, Parathas, Sambousas, and Puff Pastries. The fresh range includes products such as Croissants, Cupcakes, Rusks, Sliced Cakes, Maamouls, and an assortment of Breads and Rolls.

Our production lines are constantly being upgraded to allow the inclusion of new and innovative products to the range. These lines use the most modern technology to allow for premium process and control, while simultaneously maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The company has a widespread distribution and marketing network which ensures that the products reach the consumers in their freshest state on a daily basis. The products are distributed to all market segments including large grocery stores, small supermarket, restaurants and catering companies.

Sara Cake has consistently grown its regional presence by heavily exporting to neighboring Arab countries. The company also fulfills ever growing product demands from various overseas markets including the United States and Europe.

Our company’s stringent quality standards have resulted in us being awarded HACCP, ISO 22000/2005 ISO 14001:2004 and CENTCOM certifications.